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I make music and step songs in my spare time. That's basically it :3
Music, Origami, Drawing, and Rhythm Games.
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IDM, Happy Hardcore, Indie, Drum and Bass, Lolicore, etc...
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None really.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: December 9, 2010, at 08:25:17pm   [0 comments]
Whipped this up in 15 minutes.

Hope you guys enjoy, because I haven't really done anything this hardcore in a while.

(If the quality is bad, it might be because it's still processing.)

PARANOiA RE:cursive
Posted on: November 25, 2010, at 09:08:56pm   [1 comment]
Here's a remix of PARANOiA that I finished recently.

Too bad the simfile database has been disabled, because I've been working on a stepfile.

Either that, or I will submit it to be in FFR...

Now to figure out how to go about doing that T_T

Comment wall
YOSHl writes...
at 6:50:34pm on 11/11/12
heya, the batch closed like a week ago ><
YOSHl writes...
at 7:35:36am on 6/8/12
that's because the queue fills up /incredibly/ fast you know
it's usually open for maybe 3-4 days when the normal batch opens. it's really hard to get files in xP
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 8:25:37pm on 1/14/11
haha at least i wasnt the only one
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 7:17:50am on 1/7/11
ohh its fine. ever since ffr went out, i would check it everyday, i wanted to get back on here so badly.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 6:01:22pm on 12/9/10
a little bit? But what does it matter? im willing to talk it up ^^
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 1:07:06pm on 11/18/10
and omgzors, so cute!
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 5:34:30pm on 5/22/09
that;s the point.... heheh moto.... my moto is ur mom! (lulz)
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 4:04:35pm on 4/25/09
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 3:33:46pm on 4/3/09
Synthlight writes...
at 10:00:54pm on 3/7/09
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