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About a month back into FFR since 2010
Posted on: February 4, 2019, at 07:45:57pm

Been about a month back on FFR now, I have been cleaning up my list with AAA's, I have one "Challenging" one left (The Impresario) and everything lower than that is AAA'd. Down to 16 pages on "Very Challenging" (about 190 including tokens) currently ranked 70 on Top 100 AAA's, getting to 1400 (on 1251 whilst I write this) will bring me up to 44. I will keep playing in the meantime, it has been very enjoyable being back on this game since it used to glitch all the time. Came 15th in Division 6 in the tournament (I had no hope really) there are some amazing players out there. I hope I can improve a bit more in the next month and start AAAing some "Master" scores again. Thanks for reading :)