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For no reason in particular...
Posted on: March 4, 2007, at 05:42:15pm   [2 comments]
I shall write "Pants!" on my wall.


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Kawakawa writes...
at 7:10:38am on 5/10/20
Ah I entirely forgot >w< Was a super busy work week. I'll probably still play the songs to see how far I would've gotten, I wish you the best in the tourney!~
Demonader writes...
at 1:36:19pm on 5/2/20
Congrats on 1st place!!
bobi28 writes...
at 9:20:14am on 5/1/20
you are too good!!! gg man good competition :P
danredge writes...
at 6:57:07am on 5/1/20
Hey you did it ! Congrats on D4 n_n from D2 to D4 on one tournament. This is crazy !
danredge writes...
at 4:39:30am on 4/27/20
Hey Good Job on Rainbow Tylenol ! You got a crazy good improvement during this tournament :D You might even reach D4 during this tournament ! D2 to D4 During only one tournament would be awesome !
Demonader writes...
at 10:51:31am on 4/26/20
you're insane and clearly in the wrong division xD
danredge writes...
at 5:25:40am on 4/14/20
Thanks a lot Monkey! I will defenitely upgrade my keyboard :D
danredge writes...
at 6:29:14am on 4/13/20
Good Job for the D3 Upgrade. I would like to know what is your new Keyboard because i'm also researching a short keyboard. Regards
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 3:16:54am on 4/9/20
Haha! Thanks, man! Been going hardcore lately, and it feels damn good!
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 2:59:35am on 4/9/20
Grats on D3 promo!
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