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mentally insane. loves cats
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Posted on: May 10, 2008, at 05:27:12pm   [0 comments]

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funmonkey54 writes...
at 10:21:09pm on 9/1/14
Pokemon makes billions of dollars a year. It's bigger now than it was in 2000. Haha.
funmonkey54 writes...
at 1:32:41pm on 8/19/14
Yeah, I fixed it as soon as I found out. I don't use ANY sketchy sites, I don't click weird links, and my password is extremely irregular, so I have no idea how it happened.
And I move in again in three days. Been in DC for the last week for the Pokemon World Championships.
funmonkey54 writes...
at 9:41:59pm on 5/17/14
Unfortunately, I have not. I've just always used FaceTime. Sorry. :/
funmonkey54 writes...
at 9:29:12pm on 5/17/14
Haha, well. I'm playing a couple songs now. Have some free time. Figured why not.
funmonkey54 writes...
at 9:14:20pm on 5/17/14
I've never made a step chart. Haha. :P
funmonkey54 writes...
at 1:50:59pm on 4/3/14
I honestly don't even know why I log in anymore. I don't play this game in the slightest. haha.
ShadowAmnesia writes...
at 2:09:24pm on 4/24/12
Ah yeah, you should've seen my pony picture folder ^^ I have at least 200 different pictures there :3
funmonkey54 writes...
at 10:32:23am on 1/16/09
Hey Mezo.
I want you to come back.
Card Man writes...
at 3:51:04pm on 9/28/08
Hey! I noticed the Top One-Handers thread in the forums is dieing down a bit....I think we need to start posting again to keep it alive; it would be a shame for all that hard work Bynary did to go to waste. What do you think?
funmonkey54 writes...
at 11:33:28pm on 7/25/08
Ouch. I lost almost 900k. =(
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