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Goldenwind writes...
at 5:39:50pm on 8/16/07
Sorry for comment spam :P
But yeah. FFR says I can't PM you for one reason or another. Gimme your e-mail =P
Goldenwind writes...
at 5:36:28pm on 8/16/07
What I find funny? Even AutoPlay can't hit those notes :D

Anyway, ITG Version is ready. I don't want to release it publicly yet, as I want to release my next batch of files in a burst, so I'll try to find some other way to send it to you
Goldenwind writes...
at 1:28:22pm on 8/16/07
HBFS (ITG Version) is almost ready.
For the slowdown, I just added a few arrows at 30BPM, seeing as no one is intended to be reading a "You're about to get fucked" warning :P

The steps that used to be in the 2kBPM area are the same, but at normal speed, and with stops thrown in.

Since I tampered with the 2kBPM area, the 12th/24th/48th notes after it got bugged, due to syncing (12th will land on 0.333, 0.666 and 1.000 of a beat... if a stop syncs to 0.666 and a 12th rounds to 0.667, you'll automiss the note, no matter what you do.)

So to fix this, I gotta go into the code and reprogram each stop to come 0.001 seconds later than it already does... so... I'll be busy for a while -.-
Goldenwind writes...
at 1:05:56pm on 8/16/07
I'm in the process of remastering a lot of my stepfiles, as well as releasing a lot of new ones, so I don't see why not.

While I won't publicly release it until the other songs are ready, I'll go do that now
eastsideman09 writes...
at 4:24:13pm on 5/16/07
ok, when you got the .RAR window thing up after its done dowloading, highlight all the folder thingies its got, then click "extract". ... then there will be, in the adress bar, the place you're gonna wanna download it to.

if you have stepmania 3.9, you want to extract it to C:Program FilesStepmaniaSo ngs(name of section on SM you will extract to)

if you have stepmania 4 CVS, extract it to
C:Program FilesStepmania CVSSongsname of section on SM you will extract to)

hope that helps you
Goldenwind writes...
at 3:53:46pm on 5/12/07
I wanted to give people a bit more of a challenge, so instead of reading moving arrows at a set position, I had them read set arrows at a moving position (Aka, reading off of the background).

Backgrounds don't work on ITG, so it technically won't work for that respect.

I can, however, fix it such that it doesn't have that part in it, if you'd like. Send me another comment or something if you'd like me to do this
Synthlight writes...
at 12:50:04pm on 7/11/06
First person to post on your wall.