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FFR Rank:18,658
FFR Average Rank:2,126
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FFR Grandtotal:1,510,341,950
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MediZorn's Gameplay Stats Today
44 / 2403
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9 / 1500
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About me:
I'd say it's not very easy to describe me...
Sports, nature and philosophy
Fav Music:
Noise, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Neofolk, various kinds of electronica.... My favorite bands are for example : Tarmvred, Iszoloscope, Whitehouse, Burzum, Haus Arafna, Winterkälte, Dead can Dance, Der Blutharsch, Death in June...
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*mysticdarkness* writes...
at 12:08:01am on 10/24/08
Heh, thanks, and no prob x]
*mysticdarkness* writes...
at 7:16:20pm on 10/20/08
Thatnks for the vote too.
Nice stats, and cool taste in music :]
Izzy writes...
at 7:15:24am on 5/25/08
Overall rank is only dependant on total points. Average rank deals with AAA's and fc.
kuromoi writes...
at 8:37:28pm on 5/18/08
Yeah, it is pretty much strange :/
But I've heard many strange names before xD
Like Tahaa, for example.
>3< Does 'Rainer' mean anything? :0
kuromoi writes...
at 2:10:31pm on 5/14/08
Rainer? O:
You got one awesome name right there Cx
Yay! You're my pixel-et friend number 4!
:D Congratz.
vampire17 writes...
at 10:39:13am on 5/14/08 friends with smallfri91
kuromoi writes...
at 1:54:08pm on 5/13/08
`Ello. :]
Welcome to FFR!
Name's Ana~
Synthlight writes...
at 1:45:46pm on 5/12/08
First person to post on your wall.