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Crazy_hyper writes...
at 9:36:41pm on 8/13/07
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 7:24:17pm on 8/5/07
Votes up! hope you can do the same =)
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 7:47:47am on 8/5/07 that's sad...I spend too much time checking out your profile...and you don't even get on that much XD
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 7:18:01am on 8/5/07
OMG you actually added more color to your page! Congrats! Hehe hey there silly head. You fell asleep on me again. ^.^ Haha I love are so cute!!
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 1:02:47am on 8/3/07 make me very sad James
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 12:35:19am on 8/3/07
I MISS YOU!!! T_T <333
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 8:02:56pm on 8/2/07
YAY your profile has blue in it!!! I still think you should make it prettier though. I am thinkiing about making mine a little bit more colorful...but i dunno which colors to use. T_T
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 9:32:19am on 8/2/07
lol kinda...but now i am pissed!! T_T Imma cry now. Not 'cause of you though
McSquizzle writes...
at 9:20:05am on 8/2/07
are you fucking happy? i made it semi colorful
InUyAsHaLoVeRsMe writes...
at 9:11:13am on 8/2/07
Why the hell not!?
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