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Road to Heavy and 300 FCs!
Posted on: January 27, 2009, at 07:06:22pm

I want to get Heavy so I will put my best scores on the songs you can get heavy with here.

Seven- 1-0-0-0
Famouz- 3-0-0-0
AAA- 4-1-0-0
The Brain of the Moon- 10-0-0-0
Video Out A- 12-0-1-0
Evil Approaches- 8-0-0-0
Ruins- 5-1-0-2
Amefuri Koneko- 16-0-0-0
Tribal Transcendency
EHHS V2- 19-1-0-0

I hope to reach 300 FCs.

  1. do it on famous NOW!

  2. I see you have Seven blackflagged. Go for the AAA. If you're having trouble on it, try Video Out A or Famouz. Personally I wouldn't recommend Ruins or Amefuri Koneko. They're very tricky!! (Btw - I got mine off of Seven)
    Good luck! =)

  3. lol I got lucky on Seven. Now I cant even get under 5 goods on it. And I have the same problem with Famouz. I have like a 3-1-0-0 best on Famouz and I cant even SDG it now. I got a 1-0-0-0 on Ruins with my other style and I havent tryed Video out A yet.

  4. Silly, TGWP Part 4 is the EASIEST by FAR!

  5. Not for me. For some reason I cant PA the many jumps at the beginning and I fail at the stream that comes right after it. I have no chance at all on it.

  6. Just don't have 700 tries to AAA Seven like me, lmao