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I'm insane... but far away.
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Knockin on heavens door
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darky17 writes...
at 4:44:44pm on 12/2/10
OMGG Heyyy!!! Im Backkk... *tears*
BethanyBangs writes...
at 9:00:31pm on 11/17/10
Oh thank you. Yeah because. She bangs she bangs! oh baby she move she move.
nate mdance writes...
at 11:22:28pm on 10/31/08
Well my profile has been officially fucked up :D but I can still talk to you through here since the forum isn't working for me right now .-. seeyah later Jamil.
Mans0n writes...
at 12:38:58pm on 9/6/08
sup bro, you look fuckin stoned in your avy haha.
Cerebus Fang writes...
at 7:25:57pm on 8/5/08
Its fine bro how ya been
darky17 writes...
at 6:37:34pm on 6/2/08
heyy how u been???
Mans0n writes...
at 9:21:05pm on 5/14/08 ...secks ... up
darky17 writes...
at 9:32:46pm on 4/28/08
u r right... then ill wait for ur text mex.. whenever u wanna play! its time for me to stop being the one to always text u! >_<
darky17 writes...
at 2:18:01pm on 4/27/08
when are u finally gonna be on sir?? but damn level 17.. i dont think i have the courage to confront u.. lol!!! *scared*
darky17 writes...
at 9:42:05pm on 4/21/08
lolll great idea hahahah!!! im ready when u are lol... just text me..
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