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I'm 100% portuguese, who loves to drink bubble teaes :] Meeting new friends is something i love to do just as much as hanging out with them. Im very photogetic, love taking them as much as being in them :] i tend to be random sometimes, but always a delight to talk to :]
Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding, Surfing, Going Out, Photography, Filming, Music Making, Hanging Out W/ Friends, Boiis, Shopping, Basket-Ball, Hockey, Really Any Other Sport, Being On The Radio
Fav Music:
I Listen 2 Varieties Of Music... Like I Listen 2 Punk, Rock, Ska, Dance, Techno, Disco, A Little Bit Of Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, && More
Fav Movies:
I Love To Watch Scary, Funny, Mystery And Action Movies :)
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psychofish25 writes...
at 4:55:43pm on 2/3/08
do u play tf2? theres this kid phail i see a lot and he has ur exact icon
brandonmcginnis writes...
at 6:24:04pm on 10/15/07
If you do not post a song for round 2 then you will be disqualified and this is doom round. You have till Wednesday. I will not remind you again.
brandonmcginnis writes...
at 3:35:03pm on 10/13/07
Round 2 has started and if you do not submit a score for this then you will be eliminated for the tournament.
brandonmcginnis writes...
at 7:28:20am on 10/10/07
Round 1 has started for my tournament and I will not be telling anyone when the other one starts anymore and so check the tournament thread often so that you know what is going on and when the 2nd round starts.goodluck
ninjaKIWI writes...
at 5:59:54pm on 10/8/07
Who you callin' Munchkin? X3
Nothin' much.
how was your thanksgiving?
MMShadow writes...
at 4:40:26pm on 10/8/07
Whats yah aim?
i will add yah :D
lovekills21 writes...
at 3:12:12pm on 10/8/07
hahahah yea the weather down hear sucks lol
ugh it is cold down hera really cold
lovekills21 writes...
at 3:04:48pm on 10/8/07
hahahah that is cool idk where that is thou
lovekills21 writes...
at 3:00:01pm on 10/8/07
wow alot of u ppl are from canada is it cool there?
lovekills21 writes...
at 2:45:20pm on 10/8/07
hahahh tahnx for it any way wher are u from???
cause we deff have it in
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