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Posted on: February 22, 2009, at 10:01:25am

1. I like TCG's. I play Magic and YGO competitively.
2. I'm 100% Filipino, no mix; but, I don't speak any Filipino dialect.
3. I still sleep with my teddy bear of 19 years.
4. One of my favorite manga is called Global Garden, a story about Einstein's regret of the atomic theory.
5. I 99.9% completed FFX (I never got Lulu's Onion Knight completed because dodging lightning bolts suck).
6. If Tass didn't hint it out, I'm a bowler. I've also bowled 5 perfect games.
7. My first name is _______.
8. I'm learning piano.
9. I've watched only one episode of Naruto.
10. Yet, I'm a Judge for the Naruto TCG.
11. I have a Rin icon in the corner of my desktop (it dances Agent Yoru too).
12. I'm extremely lazy (but then again a lot of people are)
13. I still play the following: SMO, SWR, IaMP, osu!
14. I currently have a winning streak on Freecell... of 458 consecutive wins
15. I'm left-handed.
16. I have been practicing spread off and on... for about as long as I've been playing index. I prefer index, but I have not been practicing spread just recently.
17. I try to ignore this question a lot. I'm 21 years old.
18. You guys may think this is boring but I've never used any illegal drug (yes pot is illegal, I never done that, or any other drug that gets you high) or drank any alcohol ever (not even trying alcohol, never tried alcohol or drugs).
19. I'll post my pic on the 24th
20. My real first name - Anthony

  1. I've drank alcohol or done any drugs either. *High fives* :)

  2. NEVER* lol

  3. Heyhey I play piano too
    Lol real pick
    Hi Anthony[first time calling you by your actual name =P]
    Naruto=overrated ^___^

  4. I DODGE ALL THE LIGHTNING:D i was so happy.

  5. lol bumping this to ask if you're still playing IaMP or Osu! xD

  6. If you want, I can still play with Yuyuko, but I've been practicing more Marisa lately