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Catz are awesome. I'm the smartest student in my grade, love sports, and enjoy chatting with my friends.
Cats, FFR, video games, that stuff.
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Anything that's NOT Rap or R&B.
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* Cries *
Posted on: August 4, 2009, at 09:02:23am   [2 comments]
Darn. I suck at FFR now.

It has been...
Posted on: August 4, 2009, at 08:50:23am   [0 comments]
At least 3 weeks since I was last online. Time flies.... I've just been so busy, with trying to get my school schedule and all...

Posted on: July 17, 2009, at 11:51:25am   [0 comments]

I am a PIKACHU!!!!!
Posted on: July 15, 2009, at 12:53:08pm   [3 comments]

Random Stuff
Posted on: July 14, 2009, at 03:44:11pm   [0 comments]

Comment wall
Otaku_Penguin writes...
at 12:36:01am on 12/22/11
Don't feel bad! I just now saw your reply xP
boy3606 writes...
at 3:55:18am on 9/28/11
animechick101 writes...
at 7:40:58pm on 10/14/09
hehe!! yup!! totally true and no worries, i've been pretty busy too and im only in my third month of school and i've been getting packed. so how u been?
STARLov314 writes...
at 3:52:50pm on 10/14/09
no promblem i love red, and anime, so nothin but the truth
Vampire_Knight_61 writes...
at 2:59:17pm on 10/11/09
OMG, I love your background
UnluckySoul writes...
at 2:11:46pm on 10/9/09
lol..idk...xD i just am...xD
Otaku_Penguin writes...
at 8:38:30am on 10/9/09
Haha, I hadn't realized that I commented you before. XD I'm sorry. :3
Otaku_Penguin writes...
at 8:34:37am on 10/9/09
Cuuuuuute picture! :3
XxstepmaniacxX writes...
at 7:53:17am on 10/9/09
Yup yups!
Kitty-Luvr writes...
at 8:30:58pm on 10/8/09
I guess I'm doing okay. Haven't been on for quite some time though. How about you??
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