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Kiani_cc's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
Things that I am currently obsessing over: League of Legends && My baby Leon!
League of Legends! Copy this link to start playing League of legends :D ------->>>>>>
Fav Music:
Techno, ambient, classical, new wave, jazz, trip-hop, drum & bass, & trance.
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Xx{Midnight}xX writes...
at 7:14:26pm on 1/16/12
TheThong writes...
at 2:59:05am on 1/3/12
Haha thanks! :)
TheThong writes...
at 2:43:15am on 1/3/12
:O I LOVE ZOIDS! Havent seen it in awhile though. Anyway, thanks for the thumbs up! :)
MysteryBeat writes...
at 9:52:38am on 1/1/12
Do you really? Do you actually want me to name everything? xD
MysteryBeat writes...
at 9:29:08am on 12/30/11
Yeah, huge ass fan of him. You don't even wanna know all the shit I have from him xD
i will pwn u writes...
at 10:49:22am on 12/22/11
Ty :D she gets totally pwnd :)
Amed writes...
at 12:21:52pm on 12/21/11
REALLY? :DDDDD do you happen to have the link? :DDDDDDD
SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 3:31:15am on 12/21/11
I played that game last week, it was awesome, pretty profile you got there.
AK-14 writes...
at 3:28:02am on 12/21/11
Thanks for the vote! =D
Amed writes...
at 2:16:46am on 12/21/11
You make 3d figuers of zoids? O.o have you made any liger? :DD
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