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Posted on: July 10, 2007, at 06:35:55pm

This is one of my favorite bands. Wish I could find more videos from them, but then again, I guess it will come eventually. and testing

  1. Making sure the comments are working well for this ..

  2. I can't even talk to an Admin when I'm banned. That Sucks.

    Well, at least i can talk on this thing.

    About my profile pet. I was messing around and i somehow got 2 pieces of food like close together, And they can't be eaten. So pets keep coming and going into the corner where the food is, and they never leave.

    BTW - Bottom Left corner.


  3. Commenting!

  4. making sure we have comments

  5. Awesome music!

  6. test

  7. w8 a second that was a music video?
    i thought it was a freaky i joke i saw the video last week and read the text wtf?