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James Somers writes at 8:27:32am on 9/25/20
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Cherry MX
Andrew WCY writes at 8:14:29am on 9/25/20
What keyboard do you use, by the way? I've always been interested in seeing what keyboards FFR players use. Some play with laptop keyboards (like me), but some others shop for something more fancy and get themselves a high-end mechanical keyboard.
James Somers writes at 5:40:19am on 9/24/20
This is an empty dispute in which everyone will remain unconvinced. I propose to end this dialogue here.
Andrew WCY writes at 5:10:36am on 9/24/20
*who wouldn't want to wear a mask and protect themselves outside?
Andrew WCY writes at 5:10:19am on 9/24/20
I feel that the point is not about the virus being more deadly than other things. I personally feel that I need to take precautions, maintain good hygiene, and be extra careful when outside because of how life-threatening the Coronavirus is.
People who got infected by it and admitted into hospitals could suffer from symptoms so bad that they have to be put on a respirator just to help them breathe. And with such a large number of confirmed cases and the healthcare systems of nations around the world not able to withstand this newfound influx of patients, we've seen a lack of medical equipment for treating them, and in turn, people suffer painful deaths from the virus.
Another thing is that we currently don't have a vaccine that is fully proven to prevent Coronavirus infections and not cause side effects. With no current medical way to prevent getting infected by this virus and with a mortality rate that could be 10 times as high as most strains of flu, who wouldn't want to wea
James Somers writes at 1:17:35am on 9/24/20
And why is it more deadly than the flu? I have not seen any real statistics on how many people with chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, lungs die from an underlying pathology, which is only complicated by the coronavirus. But there is a lot of data that a large% suffers the disease in a mild form or asymptomatic. The mortality rate from influenza is higher and the severity of complications is higher. But the world has lived with flu for decades and the end of the world did not happen. Humanity has survived the Spanish flu, which has broken all records in mortality, will survive the many times lighter coronavirus.
Andrew WCY writes at 9:59:38am on 9/23/20
Why is that? Could you elaborate a bit more? What end goal, if any, do you think some people are trying to achieve in this pandemic? Aren't you worried about the deathly virus?
James Somers writes at 9:57:18am on 9/23/20
I think this is a great excuse to keep people in fear and submission. And at the same time to promote something of their own and to spoil someone.
Andrew WCY writes at 9:51:40am on 9/23/20
What thoughts do you have regarding the Coronavirus pandemic?
James Somers writes at 7:41:28am on 9/22/20
I haven't played yet, I'm getting to know the game and the community)