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[I REPRESENT INDEXED FFR PLAYERS] REDONE: Hi my names christian xD. I quit FFR, because i found a new live. hahahaha. I might go back on to play a few songs, but nothig more.. add me on myspace: (dont mind the URL) AIM:im so in tents XBOX LIVE: Xx SHOTOKAN xX
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Posted on: January 14, 2008, at 12:18:45am   [0 comments]
yeah right now im into other stuff like x-box 360 and stuff.
so if you still wanna talk add my myspace.
you know the URL.
well, bye guys.
If i decide to go back then i will.

<MP> Madness! (you spread players >:O)
Posted on: December 6, 2007, at 08:22:40pm   [0 comments]
I noticed that whenever I'm in multiplayer and I choose "HELLBEAT" as my first song as I always do, the song right after that is ALWAYS either:
1. Southern Cross
2. Frictional Nevada
3. Final Step
4. Balloon Fever
5. The Epidemic of the Unexpected

OR some other crazy spread song! (take the fact that I'm index)

I guess I deserve it for picking a gay-ass song to start with huh?
I think so :)

Songs that I ranked 1-200 in. (very difficult+)
Posted on: November 25, 2007, at 06:12:27pm   [0 comments]

-ranked 1 for "Spinning With You"
-ranked 1 for "Lost"
-ranked 30 for "Forsaken Neon"
-ranked 42 for "Air Breeze"
-ranked 56 for "Faces [Heavy]"
-ranked 57 for "Bike Thief"
-ranked 59 for "Strangeprogram"
-ranked 62 for "Gaussian Blur 2"
-ranked 68 for "Vertex Beta"
-ranked 68 for "Fantasia"
-ranked 74 for "Sail AwaY"
-ranked 76 for "Fall"
-ranked 84 for "AIM anthem"
-ranked 84 for "Monstrous Turtles"
-ranked 86 for "Pupil of Frenzy"
-ranked 92 on "{Adrinaline Pumper}
-ranked 92 for "Dot Matrix Hero"
-ranked 102 for "Disconnected -mobius-"
-ranked 104 for "{Paranorma}"
-ranked 105 for "Haven"
-ranked 109 for "Gradeus"
-ranked 109 for "Aurora"
-ranked 111 for "Rock Paper Snippers"
-ranked 112 for "Exotica"
-ranked 112 for "Dawn"
-ranked 118 for "Love Cheat!"
-ranked 121 for "Flying High [Heavy]"
-ranked 122 for "Radius ~Hacker No Yabou~"
-ranked 122 for "Forza Azzuri"
-ranked 123 for "Dragon's Bane"
-ranked 127 for "Dokudenpa"
-ranked 130 for "Chariot"
-ranked 134 for "Air"
-ranked 137 for "Brooks Was Here [Heavy]"
-ranked 139 for "Affected"
-ranked 139 for "Palindrome"
-ranked 141 for "Dream of Scarlet"
-ranked 142 for "Lunar Saturation"
-ranked 142 for "Sepia"
-ranked 142 for "HELLBEAT"
-ranked 144 for "Binary Rendezvous"
-ranked 146 for "Lawn Wake IV"
-ranked 151 for "Duality"
-ranked 151 for "Cold Breath"
-ranked 154 for "State of Emergency"
-ranked 156 for "X"
-ranked 157 for "Road to You"
-ranked 159 for "Choprite"
-ranked 162 for "Gaussian Blur 3"
-ranked 163 for "Party 4 U v3"
-ranked 165 for "Vijore"
-ranked 173 for "Hero's Theme (w.i.p.)
-ranked 174 for "Decisive Battle"
-ranked 174 for "{Midnight}"
-ranked 175 for "F"
-ranked 176 for "Shihen"
-ranked 177 for "Sly"
-ranked 177 for "Legendary Etude"
-ranked 181 for "Distant Land"
-ranked 182 for "The Games We Played Part 1"
-ranked 183 for "{Rose}"
-ranekd 195 for "Neon-213"

[Those are basically all my ranked ones from 1-200 and very difficult+]

YES I AM INDEXED, so give me some slack XD

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5.points writes...
at 10:14:59pm on 7/13/08
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at 9:55:26am on 4/15/08
stfu noob i dont cheat
stivitybobo writes...
at 6:57:15am on 3/25/08
so happy to find another fellow indexer, i should say another GOOD indexer XD
Quigly writes...
at 8:20:40pm on 2/26/08
Rank 666, :P
darkbuckethead writes...
at 9:52:54am on 2/23/08
lol rank 666
crazydude134 writes...
at 4:02:14pm on 12/28/07
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at 11:28:38pm on 12/25/07
thx for the vote merry christmas
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at 2:23:41pm on 12/24/07
sry, my wireless went thru a server change...
ZainyLee writes...
at 10:58:29am on 12/24/07
Np dood! XD
slipknot_6969 writes...
at 2:06:29pm on 12/20/07
thanks for the thumbs u get one too
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