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About me: Check out my main account for my stats and more pictures of hot anime chicks. xD The top 16 friend list on this account is a list of my other accounts. This IcyWorld one was made so no one else could have it, and I'm better known as IcyWorld anyways.
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Posted on: October 29, 2015, at 09:30:06pm   [5 comments]
I've basically finally gotten too many alts to add to my top 16 friends soooo let's do this:

92 icontrolyourworld
87 samus aran
86 ristyy
86 satsuru
84 icyworld
84 hero from the past
84 princess luna
84 tryndamere
83 beauty queen etna
83 sheik-
82 amy rose
82 priere
81 grimer
80 sheena fujibayashi
80 yoko littner
79 kyaputen farukon
78 flonne angel
77 rainbowdash
76 dark magician girl
74 princess daisy
56 icyworld1hand
0 princess cadence
Posted on: November 16, 2011, at 05:06:55am   [4 comments]
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xXOpkillerXx writes at 12:14:06am on 9/29/17
Best MP session I had in a long while hands down. The nostalgia is real, our profiles even match after like what 7 years ? Ridiculous haha ;p
Ristyy writes at 12:39:07am on 9/21/17
klimtkiller writes at 10:45:22am on 10/30/15
can u link me ur profile pic plz?
Darkbreezee writes at 7:49:02am on 4/17/15
Sick file bruh
L0NEvvolf writes at 12:59:57pm on 10/27/14
Hey just curious about the file St. Scarhand that you did. Was that based of the file that I had made years ago? The steps seem almost the exact same.
Im just curious. I dont care that you used it,(if you did) just more curious than anything.
Otherwise we have the exact same step stile which would be creepy.
ffr212 writes at 1:54:41pm on 7/8/14
PrawnSkunk writes at 11:07:48pm on 9/11/12
Hey, what's the noteskin you use in your vids? looks like the ddream default noteskin! :)
Darkbreezee writes at 10:32:24am on 7/3/12
Shanghai Moon file , from the HardSongsMegapack Vol 11...
is human beeing even able to nearly see / FC the notes? xD
just curious
StarDN64 writes at 12:36:05pm on 5/6/12
xXFFR-_-MASTERXx writes at 4:29:50am on 1/27/12
ass and titties nipple and boob