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Firstly, my name is Adam. I am very goal oriented and do my best to complete all tasks masterfully. I am a great person to get to know and I hope you are as well. I have my educational goals set towards University, first as an elementary school teacher. I may be more interested in a high-school environment and in teaching both business/entrepreneurship skills and phys ed. I have great friends and an alright family :P I am only truly close with my sister (she is exactly like me... besides being female) lol
music, friends, sports, video games (basically everything), my future... maybe you?
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Wayyy to much to mention.. Ask if you want to know a few specific bands or artist of a genre
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Billy Madison, Lion King, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, A Walk To Remember, Spider Man3, Pirates of The Caribbean 1 2 & 3, Rent, Saw 1-5, Harold and Kumar, Rent etc.
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Egurl91 writes...
at 10:54:45pm on 4/12/09
LMAO. ran into a pole! roflrofl. Well at least they stopped chasing you... bahaha.
I agree, you should get paid for it! I know this one guy who was playing some sport at school and turned around and ran into a pole and broke his nose... he had to get an ambulance and everything. Then about three years later the poor guy gets his danglybits twisted in his sleep and was hospitalised for that too... bahaha.
oh wow, i work in a coffee shop toooooo. we're so cool (H)
Yeah that's my other job, lol, coffee shop girl! just started it though, so i can't use the coffee machine yet... can't wait to learn that though, will be so good to have experience and be able to get other jobs if i wanted to, although my manager is very nice.
So how old are you then? about 19 if youre just starting uni?
bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 7:37:48am on 4/10/09
no problem
saidthedawn writes...
at 6:49:26am on 4/10/09
awe thanks. lol i try my best but he geta alot of trouble from girls ;c
Egurl91 writes...
at 3:13:48am on 4/9/09
Lol yeah fantastic :D:D:D
i had like the best day
i worked today (i have two jobs, but thsi was the one that involves minding children) and i got like, tackled to the ground by five male children aged 4-8, they were all layered on my tummy while i struggled to breathe, and then some others took my shoes and when i finally stood up again they kept hittign me on the butt with them. then i tried to get away by climbing a pole and a kid put his head under my butt. to 'support' me. kids these days :P
but i had soooo much fun. lmfaooo.... cant believ ei got paid to do like... nothing. it's amazing
so what's up with you? do you work?
xxdeadlyxsinxx writes...
at 9:18:29pm on 4/8/09
so how are you?
xxdeadlyxsinxx writes...
at 9:16:18pm on 4/8/09
Lol thank you
I like your profile too
nice about me section also.
xxdeadlyxsinxx writes...
at 9:12:12pm on 4/8/09
heyy thanks for the vote
Egurl91 writes...
at 4:19:30pm on 4/8/09
haha ty... how's it going?
Egurl91 writes...
at 4:00:27am on 4/8/09
hottttt pic
BarbiieBeatdown writes...
at 10:50:58pm on 4/7/09
night hun~
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