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chaaaaaarliee // TelevisionHeaded#6113 , im televisionheaded on roblox // when I'm on taiko web, i go by "Twiddlingo" or "TelevisionHeadedROBLOX"
Aggretsuko, Tv Heads, Taiko No Tatsujin, Osu, Roblox,
Fav Music:
Fresh - KawaiSprite || theyareofmanycolors - Frums || We're Shameless - Ken Ashcorp || In the Zone - Ken Ashcorp ||
Fav Movies:
AGGRETSTUKO: We Wish You A Metal Christmas - 2018 || Coraline - 2009
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that bitch writes at 9:43:53pm on 5/8/20
you legit, or are you gonna fuck with me. If you're gonna fuck with me, then fuck off.
AdaCHOR3 writes at 10:29:34am on 3/11/20
MapleDesu writes at 8:31:50pm on 3/9/20
PhantomPuppy writes at 7:19:04pm on 3/8/20
nice fenneko
NotStaiain writes at 2:09:02am on 3/7/20
accepted your friend request, have a good day!