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Posted on: March 28, 2011, at 05:25:40am

  1. quality shit right here

  2. damn look at Blossom tear it up with that solo

  3. WOuld of been better if Buttercup had that guitar solo!

  4. How does Bubbles reach the bass pedal? Or hold drumsticks without thumbs?!

  5. She's an effin' powerpuff girl that's how!

  6. I remember this shit lmao

  7. You would post something like this wouldnt you XD

  8. blossoms solo and her part "kitty cats...." lets just say that made my day

  9. Love this video.

  10. I've had this stuck in my head several points in my life since i saw it in 4th grade haha, funny how I saw it again here because I haven't seen it since then. nostalgia