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HK_sunshine. aka shaula schneik. or sunshine. i'm a writer, musician, and photographer. i'm short. i'm fast. i'm obscene. i'm loud. if you don't know me, you should. (;
music. sports. fast cars. culture. gaming. ffr. reading. writing. shows. movies. dancing. texting. html. much more.
Fav Music:
too many artists to name. favorites atm are: all time low. the used. coralie clement. amr diab. send more paramedics. strapping young lad. much more.
Fav Movies:
waay too many to name. from the top of my head: the happening. zombie strippers. dawn of the dead. night of the living dead. the omega man. the andromeda strain. arrested development (series). eraserhead. grindhouse. kill bill. casablanca. much more.
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Attention, everyone. Friends, family, betches
Posted on: July 14, 2008, at 05:35:32pm   [0 comments]
Add the new account, thanks.


I'm transferring my creds over to the new account, and will be deleting this one shortly. So add me, please.


Because Leigh is being a fag-bag :|
Posted on: July 14, 2008, at 10:36:48am   [1 comment]
You know, I really feel as though the HK clan is dead, so, I was thinking of starting another ^______^

Just to continue the tradition, y'know?

If anyone reads this, tell me what you think about a new clan, just to pick up from where HK totally dropped off at.

I'm thinking it'll be called...
Well, I'll tell you if you're interested.

But, really, I'm seriously considering this.


Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: July 6, 2007, at 11:06:00am   [0 comments]
Max Forever

Perfect: 2643
Good: 66
Average: 00
Miss: 00
Boo: 1

Max Combo: 2709

Score % of Record Holder: 100%



Posted on: July 5, 2007, at 10:55:17am   [0 comments]
The guy in the picture isn't my boyfriend, rotfl.

He's the big boss and he's visiting from San Antonio for like...Iunno how long.

He like eats me cos he's so huge. I'm like five and three quarters (for teh knuckleheads: a tiny bit over five feet) and he's like six three and a half.


...I guess.
Posted on: June 22, 2007, at 06:41:29pm   [0 comments]
Pan's Labyrinth is a good movie.

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OMG its HIM writes...
at 9:30:33pm on 3/27/09
peterete11 writes...
at 9:13:39am on 8/4/08
right back at ya
Instadeath writes...
at 1:21:30am on 7/15/08
you should so check out my playback for straight to video haha 902 combo haha i'm so proud of myself mty eyes hurt haha so get back to me bout the new clan i'd really like to join (; ~~ Insta
Xx{Hunter}xX writes...
at 5:55:20pm on 7/14/08
...Go to yahoo...
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 4:16:19pm on 7/14/08
i made over 30,000 on gambling so i sent you 10,000 lol
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 4:12:19pm on 7/14/08
refresh your page
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 12:03:38pm on 7/14/08
i like the gambling game i've made 15,000 credits already =)
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 10:51:24am on 7/14/08
i hate it when your doing really well then it laggs right at the end i also hate those annoying backgrounds like that zelda song.
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 10:32:06am on 7/14/08
you'll probably AAA it =p
-BabysealBeater- writes...
at 10:16:25am on 7/14/08
LAWL no problem good score on max forever.
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