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Im 18, I play the drums, Im a friendly person and very talkative if I like you. I like hanging out with my friends and listening to music!!! I'm straight, and very much into women who dress similar to me, though it makes no difference if they don't. I love DDR so I will love this site :D
Drumming,Music,Friends,Sleeping,Raves,Metal/Punk shows,watching movies, playing video games.
Fav Music:
Techno,Happy Hardcore, Industrial, Gabber, Speedcore, Darkwave,Goth Rock, Punk, Metal, Goth Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Tech Metal, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Acid Trance, Psy Trance, Hard House, Hard Trance, more...
Fav Movies:
Nightmare Before Christmas, War of the Worlds, SLC Punk, The Protector, Ong Bak, Legend of the Drunken Fist, Hellsing (anime), Gungrave (anime), Dragon Ballz (anime), Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
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anime_gal_13 writes...
at 4:45:29pm on 3/19/07
Haha. Cool, now we're buddies. XD
anime_gal_13 writes...
at 3:24:56pm on 3/16/07
Hey, do you mind if I add you to my buddy list?
anime_gal_13 writes...
at 1:45:51pm on 3/16/07
Heh, thanks for the comment! XD Oh, and I haven't heard Dir en Grey's music yet, but I will. :P
razorblade1107 writes...
at 6:55:07am on 3/12/07
thank you thank you
xXPandoraXx writes...
at 1:37:09am on 3/12/07
blackwidow490 writes...
at 9:44:59pm on 3/9/07
myimmortal18 writes...
at 12:27:38am on 3/9/07
andrew1119 writes...
at 11:26:59pm on 3/8/07
hi there
Synthlight writes...
at 10:50:10pm on 3/8/07
First person to post on your wall.