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My Excite Bike Quest (DONE!)
Posted on: August 19, 2008, at 01:48:38am

So im aiming to hit 1337 AAA on excite bike today ^^( i changed my mind cause 5k is impossible xD, people want me to do 1337 AAA anyway :P ) wish me luck and if you can donate any credits to help me achieve my goal.. it would be very appreciated!!


Heres The Brag Thread :

And the thread where i announce that i will do it

  1. Good luck, ill give you 1 thouzand credits, id give you more but ive got a gambleing problem

  2. thanks a lot ;)

  3. if you take, lets say, 10 seconds per Excite Bike.
    1 excite bike play = 10 sec x6 = 6 x60 = 360 x24 = 8640
    You could potentially do even more plays.
    But i think youd go crazy trying to reach that lol.
    Anyway, gl with getting the 1337 lol

  4. well... 8640 if u keep playing 24/24 without eating,drinking,going to sleep AND you have to AAA it BF, no boo out etc.. so its impossible IMO

  5. 10 sec = 1 excite bike play x6 = 6 x60 = 360 x24 = 8640 plays*

  6. well..its still impossible.