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HendriXx TW writes...
at 3:01:12pm on 5/6/09
stop playing brawl
HendriXx TW writes...
at 3:00:13pm on 3/21/09
seeing u fight proved 1 thing u have no life
HendriXx TW writes...
at 7:41:55pm on 2/23/09
what kind of viedos are these
HendriXx TW writes...
at 7:34:50pm on 2/23/09
sup dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg dawg uve been spamed
HendriXx TW writes...
at 2:29:20pm on 2/21/09
in the words of Bowman sup dawg!
BigMacAttack writes...
at 12:10:05pm on 2/21/09
so i commented u on youtube and since dont seem to respond on that i want have a wi-fi pokemon battle today my friend code is on my youtube page call&tell me urs or put it on ur page(my parents won't pick up the phone so either wait till i get to the phone or wait for me to call back)
BigMacAttack writes...
at 5:03:17pm on 2/20/09
LMFAO i saw FlashFireSkarmory vs FAE and that was hilarious; so anyway are u up for a wi-fi battle today(2/20/09)just call me at 921-7486 for ur response.
(lol i useded a semicolon)
BigMacAttack writes...
at 6:25:28pm on 2/13/09
lol i just passesd Xxire so now im in charge
500 right now
Laughingdog1 writes...
at 7:25:53pm on 2/7/09
In the top 100,000!!!
Laughingdog1 writes...
at 7:05:21pm on 2/7/09
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