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I'm a Pokemon. Don't be afraid of me, but catch me if you can ;)
Nail art, retro gaming, rhythm games etc.
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Nullsleep, Kplecraft, SHE music, Perfume, Capsule, Kylie Minogue
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Arkuski writes...
at 8:16:58pm on 10/21/12
Did you make that tinkerbot battle simfile? It's friggin sweet!
MrPreggers writes...
at 7:14:05am on 8/30/12
I'm really hoping I gave you a thumbs up.. I can never tell with my phone.
Cirno- writes...
at 7:12:39am on 8/13/11
Kasu_404 writes...
at 12:05:25am on 5/12/11
fantasiesarefinal writes...
at 2:07:54pm on 2/28/11
How are you doing?
fantasiesarefinal writes...
at 12:41:30pm on 2/28/11
Hiya! XD
bmah writes...
at 6:23:11pm on 2/24/11
Ah, I meant which games have you played? On the home console versions at least, there are at least 16 styles (the latest being Empress). And then there's the US version simply called "beatmania".
And yeah, I haven't played in a long while. I used to play quite a lot actually.
bmah writes...
at 11:22:54pm on 2/22/11
I heard you used to play IIDX? Which styles did you play?
pinkjeans781 writes...
at 6:21:11pm on 2/21/11
thank youu 8)
ddr_f4n writes...
at 2:50:03pm on 2/17/11
Don't make me take out my master ball >:( Now get back here you!
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