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i am a docter! from year 2031, i have advanced medicens and tools you cant understand, i am also the leader of the doctors of FFR, if you want to join ask me, thank you have a nice day
pointy, sharp, and shiny objects. And my top research project, imortality...but the outcome is things turning into zombies or something weird like that. oh well...
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work music and moans
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Anything with Zombies,
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Rotten Apples
Posted on: October 13, 2006, at 06:43:21pm   [0 comments]

An apple a day keeps the zombies away!
Posted on: October 3, 2006, at 06:05:09pm   [0 comments]
It will ruin your day when a zombie comes your way!
Unless you knock off thier heads youll be dead!
If yuo go where their bodies lie guns you shuold be sure to buy!
The ones that can climb on the walls, i dont like them at all
If it has clows and teeth, flesh and bones its sure to eat!
When it becomes night, be prepaired for hours of fright!
Remember if it has legs it can run so load your gun!
At first you might think its strange but you wont think twice cus they eat your brain!

List of crazy animal zombies
Posted on: October 1, 2006, at 02:55:20pm   [0 comments]
Zombie Cow
Zombie Baffalo
Zombie Deer
Zombie Bull
Zombie Dog
Zombie Cheetah
Zombie Elephant
Zombie Boar
Anything with 4 legs really

They'er zombies!!!!!
Posted on: September 26, 2006, at 06:23:21pm   [0 comments]
Today we live in a more lively world, but, that means zombies!!!!!Yes they are coming. So far the worst type is carrion(cow). So stop killing the cows! They are becoming monstrus zombies! Stop killing them then eating them on your burgers, dont eat them with your BBQ sause or with your family. Stop it i say! If dont let them die in peace they will make us die in pieces!!!!! Among the zombies there are, turkies, pig, elephants, hourses, turtle and buffalo! they'er all zombies!
*wakes up*
that was weird....
*goes back to sleep*

Im still red, i still like guns
Posted on: September 19, 2006, at 06:53:53pm   [0 comments]
The Injector-shoots traqulizer darts

The Mind Trobber-Like a flame thrower, but it shoots acid

KillJoy-A bomb that releses crazy purple laughfing gas

P.A.N.-Pumbler attacking ninjas
(as a doctor i still hate ninjas so i have robots to do my dirty work)

Electro gun-it shoots bursts of electricty

I'll think of more in time

Comment wall
GeneralShadow writes...
at 10:01:43am on 7/20/07
Where do we meet to talk about the movie?
HollowIchigo1 writes...
at 7:12:26pm on 3/11/07
I am not really mad at you. Just a little. ^_^ jk
~StrawberrySamurai_Kit~ writes...
at 2:17:34pm on 3/1/07
...O.O so many zombies... lol u lyk zombies Red-san? n bout the things you see...idk wat 2 say to tht. i did wat u syd last nigh *please ignore the rest of tht night* n i saw nothing until i sat in my bed. thts wen i saw the silver squiggly things again
Rayje655 writes...
at 9:40:49pm on 2/24/07
lol u r crazy im going to add this profile too k
isthislovex3 writes...
at 7:47:10pm on 2/24/07
lol I forgive you. I was just teasing :)
FFRman247 writes...
at 11:05:13am on 11/24/06
the_sexi_beast writes...
at 6:29:09pm on 11/14/06
hey hey droppen n to meet new ppl
n-unit writes...
at 6:26:56pm on 10/24/06
i can't figure out how/where to download the mugen stuff. oh well. it's really cool though.
LeafNinja writes...
at 3:24:01pm on 10/24/06
sky_sky2 writes...
at 2:16:21pm on 10/23/06
lol u 2 like to fight don't u?
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