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Started playing Phantasy Star Online v2 PC version
Posted on: October 26, 2015, at 11:52:31am

Yup. I can't neglect my lvl 113 Momoko HUNewearl. I will get her to 200 sometime!

Also started playing PSOBB since I got that bug again. Just sad that Schtserv is dead so testing out two other private servers as well as my own Tethealla client. :3

PSO2 I'd play more but I don't have the internet speed or general resources where I live to play it as much as I want to. -_-

Yay PSO! It will NEVER die! The game is part of my childhood back when it was first released on Dreamcast. <3

My current PSO characters:

Phantasy Star Online PC
HUnewearl - Lvl113 - Momoko - REDRIA

Phantasy Star Online BlueBurst Ephinea
FOnewearl - Lvl4 - Emi Love - PURPLENUM
HUnewearl - Lvl6 - Momoko - SKYLY (Momoko will be everywhere! :D)
RAcaseal - Lvl2 - KPU-Aya - YELLOWBOZE
HUcaseal - Lvl1 - Sophia - REDRIA
Going to play around on here for BB

Phantasy Star Online BlueBurst SCHTHACK Server
RAmarl - Lvl68 - Sophia - YELLOWBOZE
Permanently gone :'( さようなら SCHTHACK Sophia...

Aiming to get Momoko (PSOPC) to 200!
Will be adding my Episode 1 & 2 Plus Gamecube characters and PSO2 when I get the chance!