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Favorite songs lalala~~~
Posted on: January 10, 2009, at 08:09:02pm

I keep forgetting the names of my favorite FFR songs so I suppose I should put up a list here.
Troglodytic Epica
Snowball Fight
Sound of My Dream RMX
Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix)
World Of Piano
Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17
Strawberry Music
I'm just a DJ.
Lift Up.
Carrousel Paradise
Flying High (Heavy)
Tougenkyou -H.E.Remix-
Cold Breath
Innocent Decay
The Epidemic of Unexpected- Relapses [Hard]
Lovers Reef
End Night
Metalman Goes Clubbing
See You Dance
Jeanie and Caroline
Cutting circles
Tambourin Chinois
Fight Through The Forest
Chaoz Japan

  1. Troglodytic is gud song yes.

  2. I also highly approve of Prototypical

  3. You forget X? xD

  4. Forget X wat?

  5. Time to comment more of these songs I approve of.
    Cruel Whole, Abtrusity, World of Piano, Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17, Strawberry Music, Lift Up, Flying High, Tougenkyou, Cold Breath, Chariot, See You Dance, Metalman Goes Clubbing.
    I only have half of those mp3s though >: