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I'm Dense, and I really like overly loud music, vidya, and vidya with overly loud music, so here I am.
Vidya games, aggressive inline, Metal, overdozing on tavrine and solving ARGs, extra points if something goes horribly horribly wrong.
Fav Music:
Mainly metal, essentially all subgenres satisfy the "have sex with guitar while screaming in tune" thing. Alongside that I'm into super based techno shit like acid techno, eurobeat, and EDM, oh and a bit of lofi on the side. Every other kinda music I listen to is a bit nonspecific but I get a KICK out of classic guitar and piano, especially with sad tracks, they elevate the mood.
Fav Movies:
Uhh.....idfk 1984? It's got an OST by Eurythmics....I dunno man I don't really watch that many movies, I'm more of a show guy.
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