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Nightfirecat writes...
at 2:39:06pm on 3/25/11
Nawwwt a problem. I'm just jumping on here every now and then when I'm bored. :P
Nightfirecat writes...
at 9:19:42am on 10/17/07
Just play a bunch of jumpstream SM or something... Trust me-- it's just a little slow jumpstream.
Nightfirecat writes...
at 11:26:35pm on 10/16/07
Thanks-- But, I'm not so sure about me getting vRofl... I'm gonna need to work REALLY hard next round.. Cuz after that, it's just gonna get harder.
HammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 10:02:12pm on 10/16/07
Nightfirecat writes...
at 4:22:06pm on 10/16/07
Thanks for the thumbs up. BTW: Go get hellbeat v2. It's way better than v1.
zelld01 writes...
at 7:27:27pm on 8/9/07
Thanks for helping me~ Gave you a thumbs up ^^
Cats_Go_Meow writes...
at 4:25:19pm on 7/13/07
.....The XD isn't part of my name....Just a Smiley XD
Cats_Go_Meow writes...
at 4:24:45pm on 7/13/07
My Username for Runescape is Frogs Croak XD
link583 writes...
at 11:55:31pm on 6/24/07
Just about all of that, actually XD
I can also twist my arms around my head to my back. My fingers are really flexible, but I think your brother wins. I can do 90 degree angles, but not bend them all the way back. Although...I can bend the individual finger joints back a little. (That helps a ton with jump combinations)
link583 writes...
at 1:32:18pm on 6/24/07
Ooooh....another double-jointed person. 8)
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