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I'm a tiny, Japanese-Irish, seventeen-year-old girl. :3 Who likes gaming a little bit too much.
Charles. <3
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Anything by Maynard James Keenan. Coheed and Cambria. The Mars Volta. Rob Zombie. Marilyn Manson. Bright Eyes. The Decemberists. Death Cab for Cutie.
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Mukko writes...
at 5:14:39pm on 11/18/10
No problem what-so-ever. :3
GTO14080 writes...
at 6:57:03pm on 11/8/10
how it going
GTO14080 writes...
at 3:41:23pm on 11/8/10
GTO14080 writes...
at 5:25:26pm on 11/7/10
no prob
wargasm1 writes...
at 7:50:39pm on 11/2/10
welcome to ffr
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 6:42:39am on 11/2/10
Awesometastic like always xD
Just playing some FF9 for old times sake
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 3:23:29am on 11/2/10
Yes yes yes =]]
So how're you?
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 4:50:21pm on 11/1/10
no problem. ;)
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 1:18:18am on 11/1/10
Teh FFR Whore has just secksed you =]]
JikininkiFace writes...
at 9:59:43pm on 10/31/10
Anytime :)
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