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Well,My name is Desarae, Im 17 and I live in The NOT SO Sunshine state of Florida XD! Wut else u wana kno? 0=) <3
First and Foremost, my savior Jesus, without him, Im nuthing...Movies, Music, GUITAR <3... Drama (acting) Not life drama... so NOT the drama! <3
Fav Music:
Relient K, Pillar, POD, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Krystal Meyers, Panic! At the disco, RunKidRun, The Classic Crime, Avril Lavigne, Evanesence, Story of the Year, Switchfoot, Kutless, Barlow Girl, Hannah Montana (hah ima kidd!) Superchick, Kelly Clarkson, Atticus, Side Walk Slam, Slickshoes... MANY MORE! Mostly PuNk RoCk! <3
Fav Movies:
Lord of the Rings trilogy, A Walk to Remember, Chronicles of Narnia, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Carribean, The Island, Jurassic Park, Princess Diaries, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, High School Musical... MANY more...... Hangman's Curse WOOOOOOO! =I <3
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CAFK writes...
at 1:40:14pm on 11/5/06
omg, i think ur avatar is awesome! yay!!
im-like-a-pimp writes...
at 12:00:51am on 10/19/06
hey wuts up
sexiihottguy writes...
at 2:08:28pm on 9/13/06
hi it's me
_Hades_ writes...
at 2:11:38pm on 9/12/06
saying hi to the greatest person alive ... .. hi myself!
and im also saying to you ! SECOND GREATEST PERSON ALIVE ! Hi cyber
Cj_leonine writes...
at 6:00:05pm on 9/11/06
I love chocolate.
emo_orange_juice writes...
at 5:22:39pm on 9/9/06
i luv ur avatar.
i want it!
Cj_leonine writes...
at 2:57:02am on 9/9/06
<3 okie dokes
Cj_leonine writes...
at 2:55:57am on 9/9/06
what happened?
Cj_leonine writes...
at 2:23:22am on 9/9/06
yes madam
Cj_leonine writes...
at 12:54:53am on 9/9/06
you owe me a date 2-3 years from now
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