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A random log of my custom made avatars.
Posted on: September 19, 2012, at 04:34:42am

Meh, I might as well keep a steady collection within the site itself so if I accidentally delete them off my HD for whatever reason.

And yes, I did make them all (As in I made these gifs, not the art, although some are redrawn entirely).

The art is not mine, but I decided to animate this. Can't credit the original artist because artist apparently deleted their profile on pixiv.

  1. well done

  2. and your snivy.
    if you make me a lucario one, i will be happy forever. that, or a bunny (i.e. the one in my profile)

  3. Make me a KotH one.

  4. whoa these are awesome how long does it take you to finish one?

  5. Make Me An BassChu One (P.S. BassChu Is An Pikachu With Pants)

  6. Make Me An mRpREggERs One (P.S. mRpREggERs Is An Bobby With Shorts)

  7. so random

  8. Correct that second line to "Yo, I merely animated these. Credit goes to the original artists (if I can source them)" or something similar.