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i try
im a robeats player and im (not) proud
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xi, chroma, kobaryo, t+pazolite.
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the little rascals.
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Bruhmomentos writes at 2:12:20pm on 10/23/20
i agree.
Botnet writes at 1:29:54pm on 10/13/20
bruh moment poggers fornite funny moments
Bruhmomentos writes at 12:16:22pm on 10/4/20
thanks, never considered doing that (I mostly play the same maps until i no miss them)
XJ-9 writes at 1:16:28pm on 9/19/20
It helped my accuracy a lot to start from the easiest files and work my way up. A big part of that was getting adjusted to the FFR engine I use since I hadn't used it before.
Now that I'm in the VC territory, getting AAAs is a lot harder. I'm definitely not as consistent with my accuracy a this point, so I have to study trickier parts of a file for anticipation and such. (Watch replays, isolate sections, etc.) It can take a lot of work, but it doesn't matter much to me as long as it stays fun.
Bruhmomentos writes at 12:26:27pm on 9/19/20
why why WHYYYYY
Bruhmomentos writes at 5:37:31pm on 8/25/20
Imagine hold notes
Bruhmomentos writes at 6:05:23pm on 8/16/20
Bruhmomentos writes at 4:30:52pm on 8/16/20
thats a really sparkly hello kitty plush
Botnet writes at 11:04:47am on 8/16/20
Bruhmomentos writes at 8:54:37pm on 8/15/20