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6th Official Tournament Blueblogll
Posted on: November 20, 2011, at 06:05:35pm

I saw TC_Halogen's blog and it reminded me that in the last tournaments that I participated in I had a blog for that as well, so I thought i'd continue tradition. Thanks AJ!

This year I have been placed in the newly made D6 Guru division, which is the premium cut of all divisions. It seems no one has placed my anywhere near the top 10, despite only 53 participants making it to this division. Let's see how far I go out of the 8 rounds!

Round 1 - The Rapids (1-0-0-0) - Ok first of all I think the song is awesome. Zierg did a really nice job with the file as well. Completely AAA'able, and I would say the rest of D6 has agreed since over half the division has AAA'd it as of 10/20/11. LOL. Sadly I am not in that 28. Maybe I will by the end of the round, but I am holding true with my blackflag. The cut off is a blackflag as well. Yikes, looks like the first few rounds will be full of fierce competition.

Round 2 - Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (AAA) - Let me just say that this song was such a gift to me. These are probably the patterns I hit the best, as For FFR was one of my very first VC AAAs. It should be no surprise then that I AAA the song in the first 12 hours of the round song being announced. Looks like i'm the first person to AAA the song after a non AAA in the first round too! A grand total of 15 tries were made, mostly lag quit outs. Round 3, top 30 of d6 here I come! The song is pretty amusing too. Do I suspect megaman samples in there somewhere?

Round 3 - Amen Iraq (0-0-0-2) - Well this was a tricky one. Nothing except the major jump glut midway through the song here should give anyone any trouble since they're fairly straight forward patterns, but playing it over and over again is the most frustrating thing because it's very easy to mind block this song, and those "easy" patterns become impossible. After fooling around and landing a SDG on rightscroll, I went back to this song and double booflagged. Going to say that that will carry me to the next round. Neat chart iironiic, it's a bit iironiic that your very chart eliminated you from the tournament don't you think? xD RIP

Round 4 - Mourning The Lost (0-0-0-1) - This was SUPPOSED to be an easy song, because in theory it is something that I can AAA no problem on stepmania. I got 1-0-0-3 after having a bottle of wine one day, and decided I'd leave it at that because it was good for 10th. Well I woke up on the last day to find myself in 13th, and that was not good enough to make it to the next round. Then I went to work, came home, and played non stop for 2 hours, took a break to have some food, came back, played Etude Op No. 1 on Stepmania a few times, came back and booflagged. It's messy, but I'll take it. Seems like I can't AAA things anymore. rofl

Round 5 - Zombie Sunset (4-0-0-2) (ELIMINATED) - Well, this round has historically been the bane of my existence; in the 4th official tournament, I was eliminated here at 9th place in D3, and in the 5th official, it was 10th at D5. In this tournament, I placed 10th in D6. Not because I hated the song, in fact, the song was awesome. It's just my inability to stop myself from hitting random goods that ultimately proved to be my downfall. It's too bad, because I was hoping I'd break my top 8 curse. I'm not worried about vRofl because in D6, vRofl is distributed to the top 12. Congrats Leonid on the awesome stepchart, and best of luck to the 8 finalists. I will continue this blog for fun.

Round 6 - Slashmaid (43-14-0-14) - lmao if I made it past Zombie Sunset I would have died here. This song is SO easy to lose a FC on it's not even funny. That and it has almost every pattern I suck at - especially that ending. That ending is probably where most of that score came out of anyway.. and to achieve such a score I increased my speedmod to 2.08x. In Stepmania I read c865 so I'm comfortable with 2.08, and it makes things a bit easier to read. I also AAA'd a few FMOs and another Guru after the switch so maybe i'll stick with this for the time being. 12-28-11 edit: I just got a 14-3-0-14 run on this really randomly. rofl

Round 7 - Husigi Usagi Milk Tei (9-1-0-2) - Ok so this file is pretty easy mostly except for a few strange areas; there's some sort of jump jack burst around 500 , and then there are some 32nd trills inside the js in the 700s, and if you manage to get through those, there's a 48th roll that's quite lengthy waiting for you. If you can pass that, there's a small 64th roll at the end of the file to derp your score. I can improve this 9-1-0-2, but this is one of those "good luck nailing everything in one shot" files.

Round 8 - Rave7 (52-15-1-39) - This is a file where it's.. yeah.. the first half of the file is just streams at 300bpm I think it is - easy stuff, I can AAA this and have done so. The 2nd half of the file.. is the equivalent of someone putting a sledge hammer on your fingers and expecting you to AAA a difficulty 13. It's hard. I really hope Samurai or Leonid can AAA this.

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  2. "It seems no one has placed my anywhere near the top 10"
    Nope. ;D
    Good luck.

  3. (y) stay strong. get in the top 8 for that vROFL :)

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