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Consistently inconsistent sums it up just about.
Sleeping, Birds, Anime & Manga, Gaming.
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Alt Rock, Electro Swing, Deemo, Lindsey Stirling, Miracle of Sound, Malukah.
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Accepted, How to train your dragon, Spirited Away, Zootopia, Wolf children
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SKG_Scintill writes...
at 7:28:14am on 1/13/20
it's the server of a private discord, so yeah I guess it's private
also acc is hard, comes with experience, don't worry 'bout it :]
SKG_Scintill writes...
at 7:46:45pm on 1/12/20
actually no, that's why I asked tbh :P
I just got back into MC like a week ago and am now on a small server with etterna people, mostly alone
SKG_Scintill writes...
at 12:26:48pm on 1/11/20
is there any MC server you still frequent?
SKG_Scintill writes...
at 5:10:40pm on 12/12/19
pff thanks :P
Riotpolice writes...
at 2:43:38pm on 9/25/19
Cute <3
CDCan writes...
at 8:04:07pm on 2/17/18
see um, da can man
CDCan writes...
at 11:20:22pm on 8/3/17
Synthlight writes...
at 1:01:10am on 9/16/16
First person to post on your wall.