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im dani! my friends call me dino (dont ask) im sarcastic but witty. i love playing computer games of all kinds. i dont bite so come talk to me ^^
gaming. esp - TF2 + CSS. anime / manga
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biffy clyro - check the username ;D i do generally listen to anything though
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anything with fight scenes, bahah
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im a little confused
Posted on: September 5, 2008, at 09:12:44am   [4 comments]
im having trouble understanding why men have to complicate everything. if you love someone you love them, and want to be with them right? unless im really wrong and i have relationships completley wrong too. if you love someone you do anything for them, and that means forgiving, forgetting. it shouldnt even matter about whatever has happened, if you love someone enough, you have to make it work. i fucking hate it when men cant be bothered to fight for a relationship. it makes my fucking blood boil. the see the first problem and they run. they dont understand unconditional love, and i guess that is why i will always remain single. because men are just too fucking proud, and too full of self-importance to even think about the girl. fuck realtionships, fuck men.

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shika22 writes...
at 8:25:15pm on 10/23/10
hey whats up
CarlsonB23 writes...
at 6:18:04pm on 11/19/08
hey hows it going
TD_Donuts writes...
at 6:43:46pm on 10/6/08
hey thanks for the add whats up?
shonensega writes...
at 2:24:19am on 10/5/08
p-at-rick writes...
at 4:02:57pm on 9/29/08
wats up??
nice profile!! =)
TD_Donuts writes...
at 12:22:49pm on 9/17/08
Oh and might i add you look absolutely stunning! made my mouth drop when i came across your profile ;)
TD_Donuts writes...
at 4:31:36am on 9/17/08
Hey there, just stopping by to say hey whats up and nice to meet you :)
shonensega writes...
at 3:48:23pm on 9/8/08
hey whats goin on?
weeeeeee writes...
at 4:22:04pm on 9/5/08
Hey there :]
kidko247 writes...
at 5:48:54pm on 9/4/08
np and thnkx
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