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Just living life
Music, weed & games
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Ghost in the Shell, Howl's Moving Castle, 5 Centimeters per Second, Mac and Devin go to Highschool
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Okumura Hana writes...
at 11:55:13pm on 6/6/15
Okumura Hana writes...
at 11:51:29pm on 6/6/15
sounds rad, what your steam
Okumura Hana writes...
at 4:55:02pm on 6/6/15
be my bud!!!
Okumura Hana writes...
at 5:22:12pm on 6/4/15
Okumura Hana writes...
at 2:14:14pm on 3/1/15
trashboat writes...
at 5:42:28pm on 1/27/15
it is pretty instresting! and it is semi productive hehe. I enjoy it a lot though. while I am waiting for calls I just "surf the web", watch hulu/netflix, or catch up on some manga.
trashboat writes...
at 1:27:44pm on 1/27/15
I sit in a cubical all day long lol. But it's not bad. I'm not calling people. I listen into peoples conversations actually haha. I just repeat everything I hear and a hard of hearing person, or deaf person, reads what their friend is saying on the phone rather then listening. So that's where I come in and repeat what the friend is saying, word for word. No typing. Just dictating. It's pretty cool. I love it a lot and you get paid pretty decent money. :)
trashboat writes...
at 6:48:43pm on 1/26/15
same! i've just been busy working and that's about it. at leat I like my job, it's not a drag. :)
trashboat writes...
at 4:39:42pm on 1/22/15
hey thanks!! I loved the berserk background but I felt like I needed to change it and now I am very content with my profile. :)
how've you been??
trashboat writes...
at 2:08:51pm on 1/18/15
omg read the manga. it is seriously one of the best I have ever read. the anime is so tight too. hands down, THE BEST!!
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