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Yana Kay - Run Away
Posted on: November 27, 2007, at 03:27:29pm   [0 comments]
I just came upon this from a random videotree... And it sounds awesome! If someone could get this song for me I might try and make a stepfile for it.

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Mangekyuubi writes...
at 6:13:16pm on 7/3/09
hi :3
jin231 writes...
at 8:52:02pm on 11/3/08
But does it really bother you?
jin231 writes...
at 7:21:18pm on 11/3/08
Can you rephrase, I'm kinda confused? Are you saying that I can't use those steps? I'll delete them and GLADLY make new ones.
Andrix writes...
at 11:57:51pm on 10/4/08
try 4.0... lol. sry 4 the mishap again. heres a pic to cheer u up.
Andrix writes...
at 12:36:34pm on 9/28/08
which version of sm do u have? that may b the issue. i tried the song on four other computers. no ploblems. and i tried it on sm 3.9, 3.95, and u might just have to redownload "castle in the sky". bcuz it may have just been a weird download thing from ffr. heres another thing. try downloading my recent "i wish" song. see if it worx.
XxSkeithDragonxX writes...
at 7:27:39pm on 8/31/08
Ah, I still have trouble making the offset perfect, is there a tool you can use? Oh this is my newb account (XxHaseoDragonxX) that I'm learning 2 handed play on. Now that I think about it, none of my friends know bout this char, lawls Ariun.
jin231 writes...
at 9:12:28am on 8/27/08
I shall try that!
omgukk writes...
at 12:42:14am on 7/25/08
Thanks for the comment!
Timer Rabbit writes...
at 12:49:12am on 6/6/08
Thanks for the help.
Yea. I guess I just don't have a good BPM annalyzer program. >.<;
Once I get the one you suggested, i'll see if I have time to re-do the chart with the right BPM. XD
Alvinana writes...
at 9:48:57am on 8/2/07
Hey! Sorry for the wait, but I've uploaded Will My Heart Survive (Complete version) =]
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