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glitter gal writes...
at 4:00:32pm on 7/12/07
kool site!!
toxicninja writes...
at 8:45:44pm on 5/6/07
mew! (ah cool i look foward to them)
toxicninja writes...
at 12:26:24pm on 5/4/07
mew mew... mew! (Yura yura's really nicely stepped! works perfect on resonance too. okay's pretty good but i only played the beginner version i think. I wanna get good at stepping but i got a lot to learn, you should definitly make some more!) *cough* mew! *bats at your shoelace*
Fire_and_theDarkness writes...
at 5:39:41am on 5/4/07
mew mew!! *runs around your feet and plays with your shoe laces!!) ^.^
toxicninja writes...
at 4:23:57pm on 5/3/07
gothicluver writes...
at 7:29:38am on 4/10/07
hey eddie found ya first
Synthlight writes...
at 2:53:44pm on 7/14/06
First person to post on your wall.