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Hey! ^-^ I am 19, out of Champaign, IL. I am not very good at this game, because I use only 1 hand, but it is really fun! To get a better about me, go to my FaceBook
I love soccer! And FFR, of course.
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Anything, but please, no rap... Or country...Or depressing music
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damn speakers
Posted on: November 9, 2010, at 02:54:06pm   [0 comments]
So... My speakers are blown... How do I play and not listen?! THIS SUCKS!!!! X(

Posted on: October 29, 2010, at 01:20:51pm   [0 comments]
Yay! Finally topped 100mil!!! Woot! XD That is all, thank you. I will post again when i hit... 1,000,000,000

Comment wall
pinkera3 writes...
at 11:38:25am on 11/10/10
Did you really just delete me and try to add me again?
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 7:18:41pm on 11/9/10
ooooooooooo! awww too bad I can't watch you play it lol So what's new? how was ur halloween?? :3
crazykitty66 writes...
at 3:44:30pm on 11/9/10
~Kitty was here
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 3:22:58pm on 10/29/10
hahaha I love that too XD that's why i chose it n.n
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:30:00pm on 10/29/10
sounds ver ver cool :D I would like to see that lol I'm wearing this super exposing black corset with a super short skirt ripped up stockings, spike braclets and high heeled boots. This was my make up inspirtation
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:24:43pm on 10/29/10
yay!!! i bet it's going to be super duper musical :D haha sweet what are you dressing up as ?? and lol i would but it's both provocative and SCARY!!!!!!! I'm a slutty black metal chick bahahaha XD
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:19:37pm on 10/29/10
:O can it be magical &&& Musical?! :D lol and Happy Halloween to you too mister! I would put up pics of my costume but i think I would get banned. X3
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:11:55pm on 10/29/10
:o how?! are you going to have this protective magic forcefield over me?! :OOO!!!!!!!!!??????? that would be awesome ^^ I could fall and it wouldn't hurt haha :D and of course I will ^^ <3
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:08:16pm on 10/29/10
nuuuuuu o: buses are scary to ride alone lol last time this one creepy guy kept hitting on meh!!! it was one of those things u would hear on the news "Local college student followed and kidnapped on a bus ride alone." lol cool I have like 3 parties to go to tomorrow hahaha and tonight im going to get kidnapped by my friends :D
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! have fun! :)
The Rozen Maiden writes...
at 1:00:14pm on 10/29/10
hahaha you creeper XP lol Im supposed to be writing an essay but I'm procrastinating and still at school waiting for my bus to come. :] how's ur day going?
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