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im a girl who's here bored. j/p im 14 years old and love to see Anime alot and hear rock or Japanese rock. Im creerfull and full of energy to play love playing video games but i'm here just to have fun playing DDR and to meet ppls... but mostly to enjoy and have fun and at least to have something to do as well, jeje.
drawing anime,playing guitar,Seen anime like inuyasha, Love hina,Naruto,Trinity blood,Bleach,Tokyo mewmew,sailor moon, Chobits,more..And Invader Zim.
Fav Music:
Angels and airwavers,MCR,Flyleaf, Blink-182,avenged sevenfold, silverstein,HIM, saosin, the academy is, hellogoodbye,All american rejects,metalica, and More bands but theres a very long list of them..^~^
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Posted on: October 26, 2006, at 01:33:12pm   [0 comments]
As the year goes by
So does the time
While everyone says hi
I guess I say good bye

But before I do
I just remember
What this day means to you
It's very special indeed

I could give you a pinch
But I don't believe you'll grow an inch
It might just bleed

I could give you a number
Of punches for this day
But I can't because I want to be kinder
kinder to you on this special day

I can blow you a kiss
But I can't because
I don't think..
I'll be a bliss

As life goes by
As everyone says hi
I guess i say goodbye
But I always remember

What this day means to you
It's a very special day
And this is all I can say
I wish you... From me to you
Have a happy birthday

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u84 writes at 2:55:21pm on 6/15/09
If you could, I need help with a referral competition. Please, go here and make an account. It involves making a screen name, a password and making an email. All of this can be just randomly typed (asdgfdlg), as no confirmation email is sent or anything. It takes about two seconds and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and +1!
=^.^= writes at 8:34:17am on 10/24/07
wats up?
Crazy_hyper writes at 5:44:13pm on 10/4/07
Crazy_hyper writes at 2:33:52pm on 10/2/07
ihate2lovu writes at 10:39:03am on 8/8/07
awesome , i watch those shows too
dearest_aya writes at 10:31:19am on 8/8/07
HI ^-^
beking1022 writes at 10:24:30am on 8/8/07
Hi. i like your profile. i gave you a vote
Punkie Trent Enciso writes at 2:11:06pm on 8/7/07
Thankx 4 Adding me! And Which Pic Do You Like?
RB_Dreamscanner writes at 11:57:07am on 8/6/07
i suck :[
ihate2lovu writes at 11:43:55am on 8/6/07
i watched chobits , magical knights rayearth , tsubasa resevior chronicle , xxxholic , and code geass