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Posted on: January 6, 2009, at 03:25:14am   [0 comments]
More shyt than good.

Comment wall
zorsy writes...
at 8:49:11pm on 1/13/09
when do you get back? and so much for secret wall post douches.
AAAaccount writes...
at 3:11:21am on 1/6/09
Oh yeah, 600 views for PE demonfire-- Too little ;p
Did the cracker work well?
AAAaccount writes...
at 3:10:22am on 1/6/09
How about MY profile chat?
AAAaccount writes...
at 3:09:41am on 1/6/09
Wow. That sucks.
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:50:14am on 1/6/09
By the way, this is our secret talking spot, where no-one can here our conversation since nobody ever goes on your profile anymore, lol.
But you should still delete these comments later.
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:49:39am on 1/6/09
Oh yeah, syzergy won a 3 month subscription, but since he already was a subscriber, he gave it to me O_O
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:46:53am on 1/6/09
Whatever, I forgot, lol. Oh yeah, 600 views for PE demonfire, no reply from OSTER Project, and AdeptMS was down for 10+ days for everyone, not just me.
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:45:15am on 1/6/09
And look at 'FFR the Gathering' in Game Threads. New game. Participate!
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:44:44am on 1/6/09
By the way, I won $7. Look in the events forum and look for NYE Non-generic contest or something.
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 2:44:18am on 1/6/09
Lol, all the way from China. Since when did you go?
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