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Posted on: February 14, 2008, at 02:23:48am

Roses are red LATiiNOS are everywhere to be found.. That’s my race So don't put it down!! My spanish pride I will not hide My LATiiN race I will not disgrace !!! My latiino blood flows hot & true My latiino people I will stand by you Through thick & thin Until the day we die Our SPANiiSH flag Always stands high I yell this poem Louder than all the rest. Because everyone knows LATiiNOS ARE THE BEST ..latiin BLOOD is my kind So step aside and let me through Cause it's all about the latiino crew LifeZ a bitch and then you die but if your latiino You die with some damn pride!

  1. damn straight!!
    latinnas rock this shit ass land called earth...pride should be take by all them latinos like us!!

  2. wow lol how sad =)