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Charlotte Kelly writes...
at 9:48:26am on 12/20/11
hey you
NickGallagher7 writes...
at 9:11:08am on 12/20/11
Being 11 and playing is fine, although I think it's against the rules to have a profile and be under 13.
As for who is online, I can't really say but whoever is I doubt they are playing mutliplayer ): It's not really a popular feature as pf now D:.
1badxblood writes...
at 9:08:19am on 12/20/11
thank u and anywhy i was pleasing this game when i was 7 years old and iam now 11 i swear
NickGallagher7 writes...
at 9:00:42am on 12/20/11
But you have a good day! I'll add you as a friend and some other time we can organize something (:. Best of luck and welcome to FFR!
1badxblood writes...
at 8:59:48am on 12/20/11
its k
NickGallagher7 writes...
at 8:58:48am on 12/20/11
To get into multiplayer you can go to the game on the website, and click the multiplayer button on the bottom of the screen, and then press connect!
But I doubt anybody is on ):
NickGallagher7 writes...
at 8:57:45am on 12/20/11
I can't really play right now ): I'm sorry.
Also, there tends to not be a lot of actual multiplayer going on on the website, because depending on which version you use you can't see other people playing on other versions of the engine.
Also, it can get pretty laggy sometimes.
However, there are a bunch of tournaments going on right now! Most of them you need at least 150 games to play though. If you get your play count up you are more than welcome to join one and see how you fare!
And if you aren't interested, perhaps later on or another time I can play some multiplayer with you (:. I am just really pressed for time at the moment. Sorry!
1badxblood writes...
at 8:55:31am on 12/20/11
look i just want to do whit u battle and pease canu tell me how to do battle
NickGallagher7 writes...
at 8:49:45am on 12/20/11
Whats up man, I'm online, you need some help? I can see your new here. Got any questions? I'ma need to log off soon though, so If I don't get back to you quickly I apologize. I have a tutor coming.
1badxblood writes...
at 8:47:33am on 12/20/11
hi synthlight
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