R^3 1.4.6 Release

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution on January 15th, 2023

Hey, folks! Just a quick post with a small update on R^3.

R^3 version 1.4.6 has just been released and can be found on our download page. This update fixes an issue from 1.4.5 and adds in a new song flag that designates which songs you have played all the way through and have therefore passed. The change log has been posted below for your convenience.

Change Log:
R^3 (v1.4.6) [2023-01-15]
- Remove image scaling smoothing due to side effects caused.

- Add PASS flag.
    - This will break filters that use song flags due to a reordering. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to Velocity and xXOpkillerXx for their work on v.1.4.6!

It wasn’t mentioned in the previous post, so a special thanks to justin, sploder12, and Zageron for their work on v1.4.5!


-The Community Managers

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  1. Yatta!

    Quick note: Previously saved filters that used “Song Flags” comparison will likely be changed when opening them in this new version. You will have to fix/redo them.

  2. Good work!

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