FFRMas Day 7

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 19th, 2020

Tengaku (Instrumental)
Musician: Yuuyu
Step Artist: Ghost_Medley
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 2:36

Spon Con: Don’t touch the yellow snow

Pass Tengaku (Instrumental) while missing every yellow arrow. Replays are required for this contest to verify. Placement will be based on who completes the challenge first, must play on 1.0 rate.

1st place will get 40,000 credits and a choice of 2 event or support tokens.
2nd place will get 30,000 credits and a choice of event or support token.
3rd place will get 20,000 credits and a choice of event or support token.

Plus 2,500 credits to anyone who participates


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  1. Tengaku moment

  2. Don’t touch the frozen :pp:

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