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The beta of the new FFR Video Chat is up and live. Click

to join. Use your FFR username and pass for entry.

13 Responses to “CHATTTTTT!!”

  1. Needs lots of work…..

  2. Also….

    conferece? XD

  3. I like how it’s spread out like a command console.

    *wishes he could edit comments* roflzzzz

  4. On Monday we will be raising the font size, changing color & turning on more features for the beta.

  5. I’m anxious for it! Will be happy to see the results. :) Thanks. I’ll try to offer input as much as I can.

  6. eh… i think u should put it as an icon on the top bar. it’s annoying to have to go to the post. >_<

  7. es okay.

  8. why do u want me to chat i dont even know u?!

  9. why do u want me to chat? do know u from somewhere???????

  10. Yah, the new chat is stupid……i hate it

    change it back

  11. bleh .. solved :P

  12. it’s so true. i like the other chat MUCH better

  13. It wont let me in

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