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About me:
hello people my name is Matt or Sakura or Saku or Aeterna which ever you prefer. I am 23 XD.I love DDR/ITG/FFR/SM and any other music related games i love music,anime and my friends if you want a friend just ask me i will gladly be your friend if you want to know anything else about me just add me on your AIM or Skype ok well thats it
Writing im working on several novels one is finished. im also in to making graphics and making sm files and im also a musician that name is Aeterna. Novels include The Aeterna Blood, The Aeterna Flower, The Aeterna Love, and The Institute Of Gaming (Year: 1) "A New World". they all have Facebook likes to please support them oh and friends too <3
Fav Music:
i love almost anything but let one thing be known i am a TRANCE JUNKIE :) im gonna break it down into genres Classical: Motzart,Beethoven,J.S.Bach, and A.Vivaldi,Brahms. Breakcore/Drum & Bass/IDM: Aphrodite,Venetian Snares,Dev/Null,Nubbin,Zombie Sapho,Pendulum,Shotgun Orchestra,Igorrr,The Flashbulb,Twenty Knives,Netsky,Nero's Day At Disneyland,Terminal 11,S.O.T.A.G.R,too lazy to list the rest. Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore/J-Core: M-Project,Cotton Panties,DJ Sharpnel,DJ Technorch,DJ Chucky,DJ Shimamura,REDALiCE,Betwixt & Between,T+Pazolite,DJ Technetium,Roughsketch,P*Light,Ryu*,Kors K,Kenta-v.ez.,Usao,Void. Rave/Trance/Happy Hardcore: Armin Van Buuren,Super 8 & Tab,Velvetine,Above & Beyond,Myon & Shane 54,Sunlounger,ATB,Yuri Kane,Nitrous Oxide,Interstate,W&W,A-Moe,Dougal & Gammer,DJ Hixxy,Trixxy,Vagabond,Euphony,Euphoria,Sy & Unknown,Darren Styles,Ryu* again too many to list. Ambient/Tribal/Vocal Aeterna,Constance Demby,TYA,Craig Armsrong,Utada Hikaru,Ayumi Hamasaki, Hanz Zimmer Video Game Music/Chiptunes: Go Ichinose, Koji Kondo, Motoi Sakuraba, Grant Kirkhope,Kommisar, i will update more later.
Fav Movies:
all Horror movies and pretty much anything that will make make me laugh as long if it isn't stupid lol
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Posted on: May 18, 2011, at 06:06:47pm   [2 comments]
#1: The Aeterna Blood part 1: The Aeterna Legend (Novel) [x]
Finshed Rough Draft now working on final

#2: The Aeterna Blood part 2: The Aeterna Flower (Novel) [ ]
In Progress

#3: The Aeterna Blood part 3: The Aeterna Love (Novel) [ ]
In Progress

#4: The Institute Of Gaming year 1 ~ A New World ~ (Fanfiction) [ ] In Progress

#5: Imprisonment (Manga) [ ]
In Progress

any interest let me know :)
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Squirtle x3 writes at 8:51:45am on 3/7/13
I been good, how about you?
Squirtle x3 writes at 2:36:27pm on 3/5/13
About time x.x
I really missed you.
Squirtle x3 writes at 12:16:58pm on 3/4/13
emo1555 writes at 12:50:25pm on 1/29/13
no my sister has it now lol sorry
PrityDaisy writes at 1:15:45am on 1/3/13
Thanks for the tell XD
emo1555 writes at 11:19:20pm on 11/29/12
my computer that had skype is crashed atm. so i havnt been able to tlak to you in forever. but i see youve been on here. so i miss ya how are ou :D
championanwar writes at 7:06:27pm on 11/27/12
Hello Matt, I see you've posted a thread in the Jungle Gym. I have downloaded your album and will listen as soon as I get some free time. Please feel free to remind me if I somehow forget.
Sasuke_Angel writes at 2:37:30pm on 11/8/12
o.o OMG its been YEARS since ive been on here lol whatcha been up too?
Sidek writes at 9:45:32pm on 10/15/12
pm again oniparanoia's bait :(
BloodyVampireKing writes at 3:43:29am on 8/16/12
idk if u remember me i havnt played in years but um jus wanted to say hello xD