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Dizzy_Gear writes...
at 8:47:02pm on 2/5/14
lol Well I'll be damned! 'Tis been a long time since I last seen you. xP I know I need to; but job (and before I had a job, school) takes priority. Need to break habits, first. Love to see some vids on how you play. Love to seem some 10s from you. ;)
Gabe163 writes...
at 6:26:10pm on 1/24/13
._. he got.... banned????
i_baked_some_cookies4.1 writes...
at 3:09:41pm on 8/3/11
Mitch :c
Citroen writes...
at 6:12:36pm on 6/26/11
sup brah
xxtakeshixx09 writes...
at 4:08:19am on 12/2/10
I think you were asking about Code Geass :)
xpunkygrldevilx writes...
at 8:59:19pm on 11/18/10
I'm baaaaack. Ahaha. You need to allow PMs so I can give you my SNs / Email :o
xpunkygrldevilx writes...
at 8:39:49pm on 11/18/10
Haha I know I missed you sofa king much too. I miss alot of my friends from here. :(
xpunkygrldevilx writes...
at 3:50:39pm on 11/18/10
xpunkygrldevilx writes...
at 1:34:05pm on 11/18/10
Ohmuhgosh Hi :O
aperson writes...
at 12:56:22am on 11/17/10
How about I just ban you from everything.
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